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Walrus HQ400 BOOSTER WATER PUMP / Water Pump Auto

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Code : HQ400

Electronic pressure regulator
This series of pressure pumps are suitable for pressurizing and conveying clean water that does not contain impurities in general homes.
General applications such as:
- Water supply for apartments and residences
- Automatic booster system
- Drinking water system
- Sprinkler system

Features :
1. Electronic voltage regulator design: Stable water supply system integrating pump, motor, pressure barrel and electronic controller.
2. Wetted parts are made of non-rusting materials to ensure drinking water hygiene.
3. The impeller adopts 304 stainless steel multi-stage centrifugal design, high strength, good energy efficiency, quiet and low noise during operation.
4. HQ200 and HQ400 motors are equipped with temperature overload protection devices to prevent motor burnout.
5. Double protection without water: The pump has a built-in temperature protection switch. When no water idling causes the water temperature in the water machine to be higher than 55 ° C, the pump will automatically stop running; it is also equipped with a program to control the waterless running protection Protection, automatic shutdown when there is no water.
6. With a delay of 6 seconds to slow down: This function can avoid the problem that the pump starts and stops frequently because the water volume is too small.

Conditions of Use
Ambient temperature: Max. + 40 ° C
Liquid temperature: + 4 ° C ~ + 40 ° C
Relative humidity: Max. 85% (RH)
Working pressure: Max. 8.5 kg / cm²
Inlet pressure: must be less than the start value of the pressure switch
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